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The biggest benefits of taking Olive Leaf Extract with Zinc is improving immunity helping reduce problems with diarrhea, allergies, hair loss, acne, rashes and prostate cancer, virus flu, fungi, parasites and bacterial infection


Ingredients + Benefits

Good Health Naturally Olive Leaf with Zinc improves your immune system, protects against colds, flu, and yeast a proven antiviral and antioxidant protection, helps to maintain and balance cholesterol levels.

Extracts from olive trees as an antiviral therapy to fight off flu, fungi, viruses, parasites, and bacterial infections. Millennia later, and holistic doctors, herbalists, and agriculturists still recognise this traditional antiviral remedy as all-natural, effective, and safe.

The olive leaf, as well as its extracts, kills pathogens and has been researched for its potential to destroy and interrupt the replication of pathogenic invaders in the human body. This disruption, or “disabling” of infection, gives the immune system enough time to re-group, mount a defense, and stop bacteria and viruses from spreading.

Zinc boosts your immune system and reduces the risk for infection and disease, helping reduce diarrhea, allergies, hair loss, acne, and rashes which are all signals sent by the body when zinc is in short supply. Every person needs daily zinc just to stay alive. For men, getting enough zinc is essential to the health of the prostate. The prostate gland holds one of the highest concentrations of zinc in the body, and many researchers believe that increasing zinc could help to treat or prevent prostate cancer.


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