Serranol™ Four Super Nutrients, Helps lower Cholesterol, Increase Circulation, Reduces inflammation in the Joints & Cells, Reduce Arthritis Pain, Reduce Mucus, Sinus, Congestion on the lungs, fight against premature aging and compromised health, targets dozens of health and aging-related issues, Boost Your Body’s Total Health.

Ingredients + Benefits
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Serranol lowers cholesterol, increase circulation, reduce inflammation in your joints & cells, reduces arthritis pain, & clear sinus & congestion on the lungs.

Serranol combines Curcumin, Ecklonia Cava Extract, Serrapeptase and Vitamin D3 nutrients to provide a super-supplement that studies show targets dozens of health and aging-related issues.

Contains 160,000IU Serrapeptase can provide effective support for accelerated healing, reducing sinus & lung congestion, improve joint mobility, post-surgical recovery and removal of waste fluids by reducing inflammation.

Studies show that Meriva Curcumin contains Phytosomes that increase the bioavailability between 20-45X compared to everyday Curcumin. Curcumin is a natural COZ-2 inhibitor that can relieve common everyday inflammation.

This is a type of seaweed that is one of the highest sources of phloroglucinols, a type of antioxidant compound. These compounds have been shown to have potential anti-inflammatory benefits. This is a 100% full strength extract (many only use 13%).

Vitamin D3 is a precursor hormone and building block of the powerful steroid hormone, Calcitriol. This controls calcium, phosphorus, bone metabolism and neuromuscular function in the body.

New Improved Professional Strength Serranol™. Nutritional supplements with just one powerful ingredient can do the body wonders. But now, thanks to Serranol™, a breakthrough product packed with four “super nutrients,” there’s an easy, effective way to boost the body’s total health like never before. Targeting a whole host of symptoms, ailments and conditions, Serranol™ is a powerhouse of ingredients concentrated into a single capsule that supports the body’s fight against premature aging and compromised health.

Developed by Robert Redfern, an internationally respected nutritionalist, broadcaster and author, Serranol™ tackles everything from joint problems to weight loss.


Reduce Inflammation

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