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LUXURY Blend Bath Salts are a combined luxury bath salt to maximise your body’s health, increase relaxation, get a better night’s sleep, improves circulation, ease muscle tension from stress, headaches, cramps & pain.

Ingredients + Benefits

Luxury Blend Bath Salts 1 kilo 
LUXURY Bath Salt Blend uses only the best quality EPSOM Salt, HIMALAYAN PINK Salt and Natural DEAD SEA Salt for your benefit. High in Magnesium and packed with Minerals essential to your body, our LUXURY Blend will help replenish your skin, body and mind, offers a wide array of Healthy benefits including increased relaxation that can lead to a better night’s sleep, improved circulation, and can effectively help ease tension and reduce arthritis, aches and pains. All bath salts are beneficial to health

EPSOM Bath Salts is composed of Magnesium, which is know to help soothe muscle pain, arthritis, constipation, some skin conditions and more… and Sulphate which helps flush toxins out of our body. It has been found that Magnesium is best absorbed trans dermally (through the skin). When taken internally, Magnesium can sometimes cause diarrhea and may not always be absorbed in our body efficiently. Magnesium is recognized as an essential component of our body and works on cellular level.
Eliminate toxins from the body : Did you know that Epsom Salt can help flush heavy metals and harmful substances from your body? Your skin is the largest organ in the human body and it is highly porous. if you add the correct minerals to your bath water, you can create a process to occur called “Reverse Osmosis”. This process can help draw out toxins from your body, through your skin. We recommend using USP Grade EPSOM Salt.
Athletes: Magnesium Sulphate, known as Epsom salt is high in Magnesium. It has been a well guarded secret of many professional sport people and their trainers, for years! After big matches or heavy training sessions, put 2-3 cups of Magnesium Sulphate into a warm bath and stay at least 15 mins in the Epsom Salt bath. This helps drawing out unwanted acids and aids with muscles recovery. It reduces that traumatic soreness and ache from hard matches and work outs, which means your body will recover more rapidly. It allows you to train harder and more frequently without discomfort.

Dead Sea Bath Salts can be helpful to those suffering from dry skin conditions, ageing skin and slight skin irritations. dead Sea Salt has a complete with a range of minerals including magnesium, potassium, zinc and calcium. Dead Sea Bath Salts help users in terms of stress relief, circulation, skin moisture and body stiffness.

Himalayan Bath Salts replenishes lost minerals in your body. An excellent source of magnesium, potassium, calcium, Iron and Zinc, in addition to sodium chloride. Most of the 84 trace minerals and elements found in pink Himalayan Bath Salts are also found in the human body. They are in their natural element form and thereby benefit human health in many ways. it’s an exceptional choice for anyone looking to ensure that their body is provided with all the minerals it needs to function at its very best. Whether used in cooking or in Brine Therapy (added to a bath or foot soak), it provides a range of benefits to individuals, making it an invaluable addition to any lifestyle.

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